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David Wayne Gates Memorial

Thank you for visiting this site and wanting to contribute to a worthy cause David was so passionate about.  Your gifts given in his memory will help injured young men and women who sacrificed  in order to give us our freedom.  David loved his country and truly believed that those who served needed our support and help so they may enjoy the America we love.  Thank you and God Bless.  Sharon and Tyler Gates
Thank you for your involvement!
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Money Raised: $1,025.00
Top Contributors
  • Stacia Gates $100.00
  • Jim and Kate Gilhool $150.00
  • Laura Corcoran $100.00
  • Charles & Barbara Rector $100.00
  • Michael & Stephanie Markey $100.00
  • Dave & Barb Cox $100.00
  • Dale and Sharon Heiner $100.00
  • Patty and Tony Camerota $75.00
  • Philip and Evelyn King $50.00
  • Mary Jo and Gary Miller $50.00
  • Rene Abel $50.00
  • William & Randy Bosley $50.00
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