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Titan King Media's Warrior Month!

"Titan King Media’s Warrior Month”, is a way for Titan King Media LLC and its show “Titan King Media’s: In The Name of the King” to give back to those who have given this country so much. For 30 days we will be raising funds and awareness for this country’s wounded warriors and those warriors still in harm’s way. Throughout this month we will be doing shout outs or as we call it “Warrior Sound Offs” along with other events through our show to honor Troops Past and Present who have served this nation with honor!

If we can raise $300 by December 3rd, Titan King Media WILL RELEASE Episode 4 but Episode 5 THAT SAME WEEK! And be sure to Support our Page here:

Thank you for your involvement!
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My Fundraising Goal: $500.00
Money Raised: $500.00
Top Contributors
  • Giannina Garcia $12.00
  • Neil Pinto $20.00
  • Adam Gause $150.00
  • Ronald Gause $100.00
  • Maurice Weir $50.00
  • Walter Osborn $25.00
  • Tammie Smiley $25.00
  • Annette Wilson $25.00
  • A Dear Friend $20.00
  • Scott Neuberger $15.00
  • Sherice Weir $15.00
  • Janet O'Neil $13.00
  • Kelly May $10.00
  • Parveen Mankotia $10.00
  • Roald Norman $10.00
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