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Big Geek Daddy Supports the Wounded Warrior Project

In honor of Veterans, I am raising funds to support wounded veterans through the efforts of the Wounded Warrior Project. I was lucky enough to survive my four short years in the Marine Corps without injury but many that have served in our armed forces have not been as fortunate. Please make a generous, tax deductible donation to Wounded Warrior Project to help reach and exceed my goal.

I will be matching the first $5,000 contributed with my own funds to meet the goal of $10,000. (Update - I went ahead and contributed my $5000 on 11/21/12 even though I had achieved my goal of $5000 in contributions. Thank You to those that have contributed!)

Thank you for your involvement!
Donation Amount: $ *currency shown: US Dollar
My Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00
Money Raised: $7,450.00
Top Contributors
  • John Fitch $5,000.00
  • Frank Bigelow $100.00
  • George Billings $250.00
  • Richard and Gwendolyn Steele $250.00
  • Neva Fleckenstein $100.00
  • James Cuppy $50.00
  • Ernest Troie $25.00
  • Tim Knecht $25.00
  • Jackie Athon Athon Hodsdon $100.00
  • Jon Torblaa $200.00
  • Hal Bass $50.00
  • Albert Rocco $150.00
  • Stephen Thomas $50.00
  • Thomas Knight $100.00
  • Charles Lunt $100.00
  • Edward Williams $100.00
  • Peter Leporin $100.00
  • Linda Varonin $100.00
  • Marcia ALLEN $50.00
  • Marilyn Topham $25.00
  • Grady Jensen $50.00
  • Brena Gibson $50.00
  • Robert Johnson $50.00
  • Ed Ostoj $50.00
  • Willliam Hall $50.00
  • Desiree Payne $25.00
  • Pauline Crawshaw $25.00
  • Karen W Eastman $25.00
  • Nancy Knotts $25.00
  • Maureen Banner $25.00
  • Larry Ruggles $20.00
  • Elizabeth T. Cutler $10.00
  • Linda Otis-Gutman $20.00
  • Alfred Mancini $10.00
  • Dana & Ron Spiey $20.00
  • Janet Grow $15.00
  • Virginia Keeling $10.00
  • Joann Winters $10.00
  • Timothy Mugridge $10.00
  • Nancy Shiplov $10.00
  • Mark Peavey $10.00
  • Michael & Marie Cohen $5.00
Besides making a financial contribution here's some other ways you can support my efforts to help our Wounded Warriors:

1. Share the link (Right Click - Copy - Paste) to this Rally The Troops page with your friends: 

2. Volunteer your time and skills to those in your sphere of influence and request they pay-it-forward in lieu of payment to you by donating to Wounded Warriors. This is a concept called Promote The General Welfare

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By now you might be wondering who is Big Geek Daddy. I'm just a former Marine who runs an entertainment website with some helpful computer information. If you've never visited my site I encourage you to take a look (click on images above). 

I really believe that my thousands of Video of the Day subscribers, Facebook Fans, and others that support my website can meet and exceed my goal of raising $10,000 for WWP. Thank you for your support. 

Semper Fi

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