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7/5---HEY!!! Thanks for helping me reach my original goal of $1000!!!

7/14---Wow...I never realized how hard but rewarding this could be. I realize it is for my Graduation Project, but its not about that, its about the brave men and women that this money will help recover from injuries protecting our country.

7/17- With the donations i have at my house, I have passed my second goal!!Thank you guys so much for donating!!! EVERY PENNY COUNTS!!!

7/23- Thank you Mr. Joe Mustcato, from Knoebels, for all your help!!

7/24- Wow... That is all I can say. This run is coming up so fast it is hard to believe. Two weeks and counting. This has really gotten bigger than I thought it would ever get. I really just want to say thank you for all of your help and support. This could not have been made possible without everyones help. I can't wait!!!

I will be on the 94.1 wqkx radio station the day before my run....listen in!!!

7/27- I am so happy at how this is turning out... It is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and I love it!!! Less than 2 weeks!!!

7/31- One week left. It is coming up fast. I cannot wait. With donations not yet registered I have reached my third goal!!!

8/5- With unregistered donations and Playworld's dress down day donation I have exceeded past my fourth goal!!  I really want to thank Kevin Cook for setting that dress down day up for me.

8/6- Less than 24 hours... Thank you Drew and Ally for having me on the radio this morning. I want to thank my Mom, Dad, Sisters, and Brother for all of the help and support they have given me from the start of this...I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

8/7-Today is the day...I have never ever been this awake at 5:30 in the morning. Lets do it!!!
8/7- Ran all 23 miles in 4 hours 3 minutes (4hrs 31min with breaks included) Thanks to everyone that helped and ran!!

8/8- With contributions not yet entered I am over $3500!!
Thanks To:
My Family
Weis Markets in Selinsgrove
The Playworld Employees and Kevin Cook
Sergeant Hites
Sergeant Rieder
Sergeant Stevens
Private Zimmerman
Drew and Ally from 94.1 wqkx
Kathy Bartol
Joe Muscato from Knoebels Grove
All the donors and supporters
Every member of the military past and present!!!!
Thank you for your involvement!
Donation Amount: $ *currency shown: US Dollar
My Fundraising Goal: $4,000.00
Money Raised: $3,690.00
  • Wade Gans $100.00
  • Chris & Lori Lupolt $50.00
  • Jeremiah Runkle $50.00
  • Chad Rarig $25.00
  • Jim Nizinski $25.00
  • Michael Stebila $25.00
  • Vicki Spencer $50.00
  • Kevin Warren $50.00
  • Rhonda Smith $25.00
  • Diana Eshelman $145.00
  • barry sullivan $20.00
  • Kevin and Lori Cook $100.00
  • Terri Brinkman $100.00
  • Jerry Hughes $100.00
  • James Harris $50.00
  • Patrick Bolger $25.00
  • Cheri and Bob Lamont $50.00
  • Lisa and Steve Rhoads $50.00
  • Donald Seidel $25.00
  • Brian and Anne Parise $25.00
  • Mike and Patti Rebich $50.00
  • Yvonne and Rick Brinkman $100.00
  • Stephanie and Brian Burke $50.00
  • Ty Brininger $50.00
  • Courtney Rebich & Geoff Murray $50.00
  • Jennifer and Jason Deivert $20.00
  • Donna Heinbach $25.00
  • Kelly & Dan Heeter $25.00
  • Christi Hendricks $50.00
  • Brett Latsha $25.00
  • Mike & Michelle Sears $25.00
  • William Rearden $100.00
  • Amy Snyder $50.00
  • Lori Martin $20.00
  • Annette Camuso-Sarsfield $350.00
  • Matthew Miller $30.00
  • Liane Kuhns $25.00
  • Daniel Price $20.00
  • Jose' & Stephanie Monroig $50.00
  • Gertie Ed Blair $50.00
  • Angela Klock $10.00
  • Linda and Fred Merrill $20.00
  • Eli Rebich $100.00
  • Jerry and Susan Harman $100.00
  • Anonymous Donor $1,065.00
  • Maria Pancher $20.00
  • Brenda Moyer $20.00
  • Nils & Simona $100.00
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