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250,000 sit ups for the wounded

Hi everyone, welcome to my charity page.

I am currently on deployment in Afghanistan ( as of June 22nd) and thought while I was here that it would be good to do something to stay in touch with people back home and raise some money for a charity that helps those of us that are fighting for our country in times of need.  As most of you know, I enjoy working out, it is also an important part of our job.  I have decided to do 250,000 sit ups while on deployment.  I will be posting updates on facebook and on this website as I hit certain marks.  I am trying to raise $3,000 but any more or less than that will be good.  In my eyes, every  bit helps.  I hope you can all help, and if you can't at least do me a favor and copy the link for this website and send it to some friends that you know can get the message out.  I had originally planned on doing a charity with Autism as well, but this one is far more important to me and its easier to donate to just one charity organization.  Thank you in advance for everyones support and for helping me with this.

Mar 15, 2013     I have returned to Germany 3 days ago and 250,000 sit ups later.  A 9 month deployment is over!  I have raised more money than I ever thought I would.  I would like to thank everyone for donating and for spreading the word.  I have chosen to have the money donated in the name of CPT Edward Klein, a fellow infantryman who lost both his legs and an arm in an IED explosion last October.  I have had the privilege of talking to his wife and feel that this is the best thing to do and hope that this will draw attention for a much needed soldier.  This page will close soon, but I just want to thank everyone for all of their help.

Jan 02, 2013       I would like to thank everyone for their contributions over the past 6 months of my deployment.  I never thought it my wildest dreams I would get anything in the ballpark of $7,500.  This is amazing.  I can't believe it.  I need to send another thank you out to all of the Lemke's back home.  All of them have pitched in and donated an amazing amount.  Thank you to all of you!  I am within eyesight of the goal.  I currently have done 245,300 sit ups.  I have less than 5,000.  I plan on finishing before the 15th of the month.  I will keep the website up and running until I leave country and head back to germany in late february/early march.  Again.  Thank you everyone for all of your help in making this happen.

November 28, 2012.....  I have had some amazing contributions the past few days.  I would like to thank Cleaver Brooks for donating $1,000 and also like to thank Ellen Atwater for her donation of $1,000 as well!  I originally set out to try to raise $3,000, and didn't think I would ever hit that goal.  I have double my goal.  I would like to keep gathering money if possible.  Any little bit helps.  I am currently sitting on 203,200 sit ups.  Less than 50,000 to go!!!!  Thank you again everyone for all of your help!

November 10, 2012.  I have completed a little over 165,000 sit ups.  I had to slow down and do crunches the past 2 weeks due to a meniscus and it band injury that has sidelined me from combat patrols but i will finish what i started!  less than 90,000 sit ups to go.  Thank you to all of you who have helped donate or spread the word.  I have watched fellow soldiers out here take enemy fire and get hurt enough to be sent back to Germany and out of the fight.  Guys are still getting hurt out here....... we need charities like this.  Please help me by either donating or spreading the word.

As of October 21, 2012 I have completed over 155,000 situps.  I really have gotten into a groove out here and realized that I have under 100,000 to go.  Our deployment is more than half way over and I have raised just under $3.900.  I have had a friend offer to donate $5,000 if I can hit my mark of $5,000 by December 31st, 2012.  I need $1,100 to do this!  I know that with everyone's help this will be possible.  We have suffered some casualties out here with injuries and I have seen first hand how a guy can quickly be out of the fight.  This charity helps me and my brothers if something bad happens.  I want to thank all of you that have helped with time and money.  You truly don't know how much it means to me :)

As of September 13, 2012 I have completed over 96,000 sit ups.  By the end of this week I will hit the 100,00 mark.  Deployment has been going well and we are 3 months in.  I am again blown away by all of the people that have donated, mostly because I know very few of you.  First, to my friends, you guys are awesome.  Thank you for the support.  To those of you I dont know..... i dont even know where to begin.  I would be nowhere near my second goal of $5,000 without your help.  You people are amazing and all I can do is thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Lets keep going with this.  $5,000 is a goal, not an end!  Thank you again to all.

As of July 15, 2012 I have completed 23,100 sit ups!  I am truly blessed by all of you that have donated.  Thank you so much!  Lets continue to spread the word and reach for $5,000.

As of July 26, 2012 I have completed 29,500 sit ups!  In the last few days donations have picked up and I have already exceeded my original goal of $3,000.  I now want to shoot for $5,000.  With the help of all of you, this is going to be possible!  I can't thank each of you individually, but I know that myself and my brothers over here and all around the world are greatful for any amount donated.  Thank you again!!!
Thank you for your involvement!
Donation Amount: $ *currency shown: US Dollar
My Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Money Raised: $7,720.00
Top Contributors
  • Kathy Brojek $1,270.00
  • Dennis Hettinger $1,000.00
  • Ralph and Mary Lemke $1,000.00
  • Gina Bosco $100.00
  • Carrie & Michelle Lockstaedt & Misiora $100.00
  • Marcia McDonell $250.00
  • Patrick Lemke $250.00
  • Nick & Brittany Alexenko $100.00
  • Nancy McDonell $100.00
  • Harold Stancle $75.00
  • Elizabeth L. McIntyre $85.00
  • Katie Jenio $50.00
  • Dee Dee Hoezee $100.00
  • Kathie Kroening $100.00
  • Hope Vaughan $100.00
  • Cassie Rodriguez $100.00
  • Jim Harris $100.00
  • CJ Bown $100.00
  • Brian Swier $25.00
  • Lauren Andrews $100.00
  • Chris & Christine Runnalls $100.00
  • Linda Onopchenko $100.00
  • Mary McCluskey $100.00
  • Sue MacKey $90.00
  • Shayna Barreca $25.00
  • Kathy Brojek $70.00
  • Kris and Jim Natalizio $50.00
  • Debbie Russnogle $50.00
  • Kimberly Miller $50.00
  • Erica Dobreff $50.00
  • Sue Farrow $25.00
  • Donna Chapman $50.00
  • Wendy Richardson $50.00
  • Crystal Climer $50.00
  • Kevin Klotz $50.00
  • Tom & Marilyn McDonell $50.00
  • Kelli Pennington $50.00
  • Patricia L. Brockway $25.00
  • Dr. Robert & Carla Heiden $25.00
  • Thomas McDonell, II $50.00
  • Rita Hubrich $50.00
  • Jean Panagis $50.00
  • Bob Peters $50.00
  • Angie Bearden $50.00
  • Marcia Finn $50.00
  • Paul and Mary Brojek $50.00
  • Sarah Anderson $50.00
  • Sharon & Brian Sauriol $50.00
  • Mike Soresi $50.00
  • Charles Stollenwerk $50.00
  • Rachel Rotter $45.00
  • WSMT (WI School of Massage Therapy) $40.00
  • Angela Aukofer-Parker $40.00
  • Jim and Sara Winkelmann $30.00
  • Karen Cappello $30.00
  • Karin and Bill Smith $30.00
  • Maria Cecchini $30.00
  • DAWN & JACK MAHONEY $30.00
  • Randy & Jennifer Geurts $30.00
  • Jenie Lundergan $25.00
  • The Vivo Family $25.00
  • Jennifer D'Agostin $25.00
  • Amy Antimucci $25.00
  • Jenny Bisswurm $25.00
  • Deborah Lutz $25.00
  • Susan Berlin $25.00
  • Deb Keenan $25.00
  • Kass Prezio $25.00
  • Kathy Nyman $25.00
  • Thomas Gabriel $25.00
  • Jeanette Anderson $25.00
  • Elizabeth de Kanter $25.00
  • Katrina Schindler $25.00
  • Heather Wagenbach $25.00
  • Luann Woodhouse $25.00
  • Jesse Baker $25.00
  • Lu Coryn $25.00
  • Mary Stich $25.00
  • Ryan Endries $25.00
  • Mark & Maureen Himmel $25.00
  • Shawn McLouth $25.00
  • Eve Brothers $25.00
  • Cathleen LoCicero $25.00
  • Chelsey LaBadie $20.00
  • Traci Gleason $20.00
  • August Vaughan $20.00
  • Sarah Zomboracz $20.00
  • Bruce Darnell $10.00
  • Lauren Friedman $10.00
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